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The Parties agree that the Consultant is entitled to the reimbursement of all expenses incurred in providing the Services agreed upon. Retainer agreements can be formed verbally, written, and using other forms of communication. However, we recommend you prepare a formal document to be signed by all parties involved and eliminate any confusion about the nature of the work to be performed. Create a list of all the services you offer and start pulling out all of the repeatable ones. Before you can present the idea of a retainer to a client, you need to get super clear on what value you’re offering.

The FreshBooks retainer invoice template allows you to enter specific types of data. Examples of these are whether the invoice will recognize and accept payments made via credit cards.

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This software can make customized estimates and invoices within seconds and saves your time and effort. The retainer fee doesn’t guarantee any outcomes or final products and doesn’t represent the project’s or services’ final cost. Assume yourself as a lawyer, and you have different clients who need your service regularly. So you must ensure to get paid properly for all the services you provide. With FreshBooks in your business systems, it is quite easy for you to develop a retainer invoice. The software provides you with a pair of modules which can make this possible. All such Information shall become the exclusive property of Company and shall be deemed to be works for hire.

The term “retainer” in accounting means the client pays a part or all of the services as an advance. If, in case, the retainer is “pay for access,” it means the business or service provider must provide services to the client regularly for a set number of hours every month. Also, the retainer payment must be paid immediately after the agreement is signed. All our sample retainer invoice templates are flexible and designed to bill your clients on a regular basis. Adding and subtracting lines within one file is a piece of cake. The same goes for incorporating your logo, as well as your company colors and fonts, into the overall document design. Taking the administrative chores off your hands is easy with our excellent billing tools.

Hassle-free retainer creation

Personalize your invoices with your brand color and logo, and leave a nice message for your recipient. FreshBooks knows there’s no one-size-fits all invoicing solution that meets the needs of every business. Find invoicing flexibility with FreshBooks and watch your business grow. If you want to get payment upfront quickly and accurately, then you are a few steps away.



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But sadly it is the best product for mac on the market for tracking retainers. However, what if I want the retainer logged as income when I collected it?

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What MC does not contemplate is the requirement imposed on lawyers to maintain separate client trust ledgers for each matter or project. By invoicing this way, the payment dates will be correct and Billings Free Retainer Invoice Template Pro will book your income as of the date of the invoice, not when you collected the retainer. Create a new project if necessary and add an estimate slip with a fixed amount of your retainer.

For smaller projects or mini sessions, you may opt to send a single invoice for full payment prior to the event, especially if the session is part of a promotional offer or sale. If you’re invoicing for a larger event or for a session that involves unknown travel expenses, you may want to send an initial “retainer” invoice followed by the full invoice after the gig. While you can invoice with free templates, your clients will appreciate a system designed to make submitting payment easy. It is important to send your retainer invoice immediately after you have agreed to the terms of the retainer agreement with your customer.

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So, if the client isn’t happy, go the extra mile to win their trust again. A little sacrifice on your art could just be what you need to turn the client’s heart around.

Free Retainer Invoice Template

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